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Guest Blog – DAFNE Course Part 4

Dan @coeliacanddiabetic |

Sweet Victory Products are back with Daniel again, our guest blog writer, on week 4 of 5 of his DAFNE course. We wanted to follow his progress and share it with our readers, in the hope it will encourage others. We understand the devastation a diabetes diagnosis can bring the sufferer and their family members too. We ourselves have had to make adjustments when a very close sweet-toothed relative of ours received a type 2 diagnosis, which is one of the many reasons why we set up our company.

We are in awe of Daniel, a type 1 diabetic and a recently diagnosed Coeliac! How does he do it? Read on to find out.

The weeks seem to have flown by. As I write this, my penultimate blog of my DAFNE journey, I think about where I was compared to where I am now. I have learnt so much and come such a long way, with more yet to learn!

This week began with the usual review of the previous weeks blood glucose levels and conversations around how we are all finding carb counting. It has got much easier, almost routine now. I am not perfect but this week we had the results of our HbA1c test. This is a regular blood test that gives our healthcare team the opportunity to look at our average blood glucose levels over a period of weeks/months. Now, everyone is different and has their own targets and, without going into detail, I have always run above my target but this time my results were SO much better. My blood glucose average is in line with the expectations of my healthcare team and they are pleased and I can tell you, so am I!

This week on the DAFNE course we had the opportunity to talk to a specialist Consultant and pose questions to them and, most interestingly for me, hear about the new trials, studies and improvements in the field of diabetes, particularly the progress being made with the artificial pancreas. A lot of work is still to be done, but it is comforting to know that there are many people working hard to make the lives of people with diabetes better.

Our day ended with a goal setting session. We were told that as our DAFNE course was coming to an end, the next time we would meet as a group wouldn’t be for another six weeks after next week. We were asked to think of what we would like to achieve in that period. I’m not sure what my goal is yet. But I can say this; when I was first diagnosed, it was all too much (and then put the fact that I have recently been told that I have Coeliac disease!) and I pushed the world away – including investing time in looking after my diabetes. With the support of my wife, family and friends it got better. The DAFNE course has done so much to improve my confidence and belief that I can control this life-long medical condition and have a good quality of life. So, my goal? To live. To live well, to live strong and to live each day as a journey and as an adventure.

I now have homework! We have been given a quiz to answer and we will be marked on it next week. I’m good at quizzes, especially as I want to get the most out of the DAFNE course because ultimately, whatever I put in is what I get out of it. So I have and will continue to give 100% (even if I don’t get 100% in this quiz!).

Before I finish, I would like to share with you a quote that someone hung in my office at work a few months ago and that has meant a lot to me, especially over my time on DAFNE:

Life is short.
Take the trip.
Buy the shoes.
Eat the cake.
It’s good to know that now, being able to count carbohydrates and give myself the correct dose of insulin, that I really can have the cake!

Have a great week.


Thanks Daniel, for sharing with us. Show him some love, follow him on Instagram:

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