A Sweeter Life In 2020 - How to do it.

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A Sweeter Life In 2020 - How to do it.

Sugar is one of the best things we can cut down on – but giving up the sweet stuff is tough when it has been said that sugar is ­as ­addictive as cocaine.

From a can of fizzy drink to leftover Christmas ­chocolates, it has become the SOS ingredient of choice.

Nutritionist and author Christianne Wolff reveal's how and why you should say goodbye to sugar in 2020.

Quote: "Despite being sourced from ­sugar cane, the sugar we ­consume is heavily processed and nowhere near as healthy as other ­plant-based products. It can give a burst of energy followed by a lull as blood sugar levels come crashing down. so often the remedy is to scoff more."


There is a debate on the subject of Sugar as some scientists say sugar is as addictive than cocaine and google has 100's of articles on the subject.

It is known that many people live in this binge drug cycle of waking up with sugary cereal, a mid-morning sugary snack, a mid-afternoon sugar snack and by the evening are so wired they need sugary wine.

People often run sugar-free challenges son social media whereas most struggle with the idea of giving up sugar.

Instead of a sugary foods, we recommend replacing them with a low carb and low sugar alternatives

We also recommend sugar-free chocolate and give further advice about the benifits of sugar reduction.

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