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Bar Humbug???


Image Created by Arthur Rackham 

Humbugs go along way back to the 1820's mostly consumed in Gloucestershire in the UK, these traditional sweets were used as a catchphrase from the movie called Scrooge, ever since they have proved to be a popular sweet in spite of its long history. 
For some people, retro sweets bring many back to there childhood, it is reported in this independent news 1) that these sweets could be soon a thing of the past, but must these sweets lose a trend or with the number of people who have diabetes that cannot consume this sweet due to the effect it has on blood sugar.

We can only hope this would not be the case, thanks to sugar-free options people who do not want to give up the very sweets that remind many of there childhood years, many of our customers have thanked us for the service we provide in making these sweets available.

Even though the report in the independent website suggests from there quotation on like Mintel indicates a slump within the sale of sugary sweets, this has proven not to be the case with Sugar-Free options at least in our experience.

To the contrary the demand for sugar free from our customers is at an all time high, our responsibilty to our customers is to place them at the heart of everything we do, to provide them with a service and to take an intrest in the needs and concerns of our customers.

1) https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/news/end-of-a-tradition-humbug-seems-doomed-1746011.html

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