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Have you ever noticed the sugar content?

Sweet Victory Products Ltd |

Sweets – Have you ever noticed how kids go crazy after having sweets and/or chocolate? That’s what people in the know call “the sugar spike”!

Our bodies need fuel in order to work. This fuel is absorbed into our bodies from the food we eat, mainly through Carbohydrates (carbs). The fuel that our bodies use is called glucose which is a sugar. Most of us prefer sweet stuff to savouries because, from an early age, our parents indulged us with sweet treats. We develop a “sweet tooth” and overindulge.

Real Good Ketchup
The sweetener of choice for the majority of people is white processed sugar. It is surprising how much sugar we consume in our diet. Fizzy drinks, ice creams, biscuits, sweets etc contain large quantities of sugar, however, the food industry also adds copious amounts of sugar in all sorts of products, such as bread, baked beans, breakfast cereals. On top of that, we also add sugar to our cereals, coffee and tea.

There are now many sugar free and no added sugar alternatives to our daily staples, like tomato ketchup, for instance, look for the Sugarwise logo on products to be sure they are free from hidden sugars. See more from Sugarwise

Now this is where “the sugar spike” comes in. The glucose derived from sugar adds energy to our children and they begin to go hyperactive. This has also a very detrimental affect on children that are on the Autism Spectrum, and those that have Attention Deficiencies.

Sugar can also feed the bacteria in our mouths, which is turned into acids that eat away into the enamel that surrounds our teeth and quickly causes tooth decay and gum disease. Children are prone to poor dental health, with all the trauma that goes along with visits to the dentist because of tooth aches and cavities. Sugar free sweet treats alternatives can help reduce and help prevent this from happening.

Another issue is diabetes. The pancreas produces insulin which helps to regulate glucose levels in the blood. Once the pancreas breaks down, it no longer produces enough insulin. Diabetes also brings other health issues with it; such as numbness to the feet, which can result in a person having to go through the trauma of amputation, liver problems, retinal problems amongst others. This is why we are now turning to sugar free alternatives.

We do understand from first hand experience, having close family members that fall into all the above categories. We all love sweet treats and we have all struggled to find much in terms of variety on the shelves of retail outlets, both big and small.

So this is where Sweet Victory Products Ltd comes in. We offer a wider range of sugar-free sweet treats and other free-from products, that you may not find in supermarkets or local shops. So now everyone can enjoy sweet treats without “the spike”, the risk to our teeth and glucose levels in the blood!

With Sweet Victory Products you’ll only be spoiled for choice rather than having your health spoiled.

Just remember, we can all have too much of a good thing, even Sweet Victory Products, some sweeteners can have a laxative effect if consumed in too much quantity, so don’t go overboard.

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