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Sugar Free Sweets Pick and Mix Victorian Jar

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A lovely traditional Victorian styled, clear plastic, jar (with screw lid) filled with yummy sugar-free sweets.

Each jar comes with at least one of our yummy, wrapped sugar-free sweets. (roughly 250gm; also contents may vary depending on availability).

Beautifully topped off with a purple ribbon and tag. A fantastic gift idea all year round.

An ideal gift for diabetics or anybody wanting to reduce or cut out their sugar intake without losing any of the sweetness.

Such a handy way to keep Sweet Victory sugar-free sweets to hand in the kitchen, on a desk, workstation, cupboard or wherever a person wants to.

Please Note: We cannot provide personalization of gifts due to time restraints, however, all gifts are provided with a branded gift tag which has a blank side for writing your own message.

Approximate dimensions: volume 500ml; height 137mm; neck diameter 70mm

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