Wholesale Information

Purchased products are per case on each case will have the number of units with regards to per suppliers there is an
Separately once the order gets to us our shipping and handling will apply for the following +£8 via DPD and other couriers from DHL to Parcelforce is £10 depending on your preference as soon as we receive them, we will send them on to you. *This will be subject to stock availability per supplier this is with regard to Vegan products payments must be made up front by BACS.
For supplier 1 the MOQ they quote is normally £500 if the order is under the MOQ they will be an additional £15
For supplier other suppliers the MOQ they quote various per brand
all the products are 6 - 12 +months shelf life from purchase any US based products are imported and can take 2-3 weeks as we have to get them through UK customs If products are from the US, you may have to charge more than the RRP
Other suppliers beyond supplier 3 have no MOQ If you need a trade price list this will take time to produce or it would be quicker to request any product from the website so I can send you the prices. The Nutritional's from the US will have per gram written as well as us standard the gram is UK standard converted and printed on the packaging by the manufacturer.

Any product that is in the UK takes about 1 week and once we have recived this, your order will then be sent to you via the currior of your choice.

For any further questions please contact us: