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DONATE A Bag Of Sugar Free Sweets To St George's Hospital CHARITY

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DESCRIPTION: Sweet Victory Products have teamed up with St Georges's Hospital Charity. 

St Georges hospital has around a quarter of the 9,000 staff at the hospital supporting the work of cancer and oncology departments, the scale of cancer and oncology specialisms is very significant and in light of the recent crisis, the Hospital has had to take special measures to protect our most vulnerable patients.

For hundreds of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, that means being unable to bring a family member or friend to appointments with them, coupled with the anxiety caused by the uncertainty of both their health and the current crisis. For this reason, St George's Hospital Charity wants to support cancer patients in any way they can, so they are putting together 'Chemo Care Bags' in partnership with Macmillan. The Chemo Care bag would include small essentials that could help with some of the side effects of chemotherapy as well as local support information.

One of the essential items they would like to include is sugar-free, hard-boiled sweets because patients report that chemotherapy leaves a nasty, metallic taste in the mouth.


HOW TO DONATE: You can get involved. Hit the add to cart button on this product to add a 100g bag of Charity Sweets mix, (including mints and ginger sweets which will help with the aftertaste and nausea), Once you have paid, we will add your 100g donation to the collection and at the end of every month, we will send them all to St Georges Hospital, so they can distribute them amongst the patients accordingly. The more Charity Sweets mixes you buy the more they receive every month.  


Please note: you will NOT receive any Charity Sweets Mix from with your order, even though it will appear on your invoice. The proceeds from this sale will go towards the cost of the sweets and a tracked courier delivery (included in the price) to the hospital every month. 

The weight of these sweets will account for 1g towards your order weight, as the system doesn't like being set to zero. 

If you just want to donate without purchasing anything else, you can remove the delivery charge by using code: DONATESWEETS at the checkout.

(please only use it for donating sweets ONLY) Your order will be rejected if you use this code and have other items in your cart.