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Puresweet Erythritol Sugar Substitute Sweetener 340g

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Puresweet Erythritol is the highest quality premium ultimate sugar replacement!. The consistency looks like sugar and tastes just like the real thing without any bitter aftertaste. It boasts of many great features such as tooth friendly, doesn't raise blood sugar, great for diets and is naturally found in fruits like watermelons, pears, and grapes. Puresweet has the highest grade non-GMO erythritol, ensuring the cleanest tasting end product. 

INGREDIENTS: Packet Size: 340g
100% Natural Non-GMO Erythritol

Per                        100g / Per serving
Energy:                  0kcal / 0 kcal
Fat:                         0g / 0g
Carbohydrates*      100g /4g
of which sugars:      0g /0g
of which polyols:     100g / 4g
Protein:                    0g / 0g
Salt: 0g / 0g

*Carbohydrates that do not affect blood sugar.

Excessive consumption may produce a laxative effect. Store in a cool dry place.