Sugar Free Sweets - Pick and Mix - 200g

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Sugar free sweets, not sure which ones to buy? no problem! why not try our pick and mix, and you are sure to find a favourite. Choose from hard boiled, medium chews & toffees or soft Gummy Sweets varieties. If you want to exclude a particular sweet from your mix, no problem, just leave a message with your order, or get in touch. Don't forget to check out our pick and mix gift ideas.

Please Note: We cannot provide personalization of gifts due to time restraints, however, all gifts are provided with a branded gift tag which has a blank side for writing your own message. Also we can only add the varieties which are in stock at the time of purchase*

Hard Boiled Chews/Toffees Soft/Gummy Sweets
Fizzy Dandelion and Burdock     Assorted Toffees Gummy Sweets Teddies
Everton Mints - Kingsway  Spearmint Chews Gummy Sweets Fruit Salad
Strawberries & Cream Fruit Salad Chews     Gummy Sweets Cola Bottles
Sherbet Lemons Chocolate Eclairs         Gummy Sweets Twin Cherries
Blackcurrant & Liquorice Wine Gums Gummy Sweets Giant Strawberries     
Peanut butter crunch bars Liquorice Toffee Farbo Jellies
Pear Drops
Sweet Switch Fruit Bonbons       
Liquorice coins
Rhubarb & Custard 
Chocolate Limes
Sherbet Strawberries
Chocolate mints
Sour Apples
Geriovi Stevia Mixed Sweets
Mixed Fruit Boiled Sweets



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