Your Health Store Premium Psyllium Husks 500g

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DESCRIPTION: Your Health Store Psyllium husks. Boost your body's daily intake of dietary fibre, and help keep you feeling fuller for longer. The inert bulk of the husk helps to maintain good digestion of food in the gut. Fibre can not be digested by the human body so it passes through without being absorbed. A natural dietary source of fibre.

Psyllium Husks mimics many of gluten’s properties in baked goods enabling keto-friendly bakes to hold more moisture and achieve a light, airy consistency. It also helps makes dough easier to handle, shape, and roll out. Incorporate a small amount into your dough if it is too runny as It can also act as a thickener. Psyllium husks replicate the texture and flavour of wheat-based baked goods. such as gluten-free bread, pizza, doughnuts, pie crust, and other baked goods.

    INGREDIENTS: Psyllium husks.

    Per 100g:
    Energy (Kcal)300 Carbohydrates (g)80.0 Fibre (g)70.0

    Store in a cool dry environment. away from sunlight.
    Suggested Use: Guideline: 3-6g per day