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What are the Long term benefits of Sugar-Free and why we sell Sugar-Free? There is so much confusion in this area, in our experience it is not around sugar free, the concern has been more around the consumption of sweeteners, many are questioning its safety and effectiveness, sweetener use as controversial as it has been was should never be intended as a dieting product but rather as a better alternative to added sugar. According to the [1] World Health Organisation and other sources there has been a concern around high sugar consumption and its impact concerning overall health, these reports...

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autism and business, autism and family, Autism awareness, back to work, Our story, Sweet Victory Products, type 2 diabetes -

Our story starts with our founder Miguel. For many years he struggled to keep a job down, not realizing the underlying cause. During adolescence, he was severely bullied for being different, almost every day, all the way into high school, and even in some instances during college years. No matter how hard he tried in every task, assigned to him by several employers, it was never good enough. He was told he worked too slow, or he was too much of a liability. Feeling a failure at everything and about to give up even trying. After meeting his wife and gaining new...

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Let's have a look at how sugar-free sweet treats can help us with our love of all things sugar.

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