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These bloggers have tried and tested Sweet Victory Products, read all about their findings below. Try not to get too hungry whilst reading. You've been warned.

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 If you have recently been diagnosed or are struggling with diabetes control, Visit: the “start here” page or top tips on how to manage diabetes. To help you on your journey.

Seeking out new and/or interesting food products is a personal passion for Amy, This blog is her outlet for writing honest reviews and sharing her opinions finds with fellow foodies.  My brilliant blogging will save you fab foodinistas energy to enjoy your evening out, by giving you the heads up about all the cool places that are worthy of your valuable time and money.



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Foods Matter is an entirely independent informational website, dedicated to coeliac disease and gluten-related disorders, free from food and more. Stockport! Mumbler is fast-becoming the ultimate local parenting online community, a resource that provides up-to-date, local information specifically for parents in one single place. The majority of products we stock are Sugarwise.org certified, brands such as: Diablo, Stute, Creative Nature, Zollipops, Real Good Ketchup, Plamil, Sweet Switch, are all Sugarwise approved. Visit their site to find out more products and info: http://sugarwise.org/sugarwise-products/


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sweet victory products are friends of: Nutri-Troops healthy sports curriculum for kids and schoolsNutri Troops is a school curriculum programme with hands-on workshops that uses animated characters to stimulate interest and learning around health and nutrition.