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For some people, retro sweets bring many back to there childhood, it is reported in this independent news 1) that these sweets could be soon a thing of the past, but must these sweets lose a trend or with the number of people who have diabetes that cannot consume this sweet due to the effect it has on blood sugar.

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Sugar is one of the best things we can cut down on – but giving up the sweet stuff is tough when it has been said that sugar is ­as ­addictive as cocaine.From a can of fizzy drink to leftover Christmas ­chocolates, it has become the SOS ingredient of choice.Nutritionist and author Christianne Wolff reveal's how and why you should say goodbye to sugar in 2020.Quote: "Despite being sourced from ­sugar cane, the sugar we ­consume is heavily processed and nowhere near as healthy as other ­plant-based products. It can give a burst of energy followed by a lull as...

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Let's have a look at how sugar-free sweet treats can help us with our love of all things sugar.

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